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A magnificent demonstration of style to Tag heuer watches

Le 27 November 2013, 04:27 dans Humeurs 0

Tag Heuer has combined the most advanced mechanical watchmaking with subtle musical poetry in its latest creation, the RendezVous, which displays a double gong under the sapphire replica Tag Heuer Link.

Coupled with the striking-mechanism’s on/off function, this device is unique on this kind of watch and gives this exceptional timepiece its intrinsic value. When the alarm is released, the mechanism reveals its secrets: first, the fast-and-slow, then the striking mechanism’s bridge moving into action, and finally the hammers successively striking the two “Chartres” chimes (the two gongs turn more than 360° but are of different lengths). With a few clear, limpid notes produced by the best watch craftsmen from the Joux Valley, the RendezVous will remind you of your day’s appointments.

A mechanical marvel, the Tourbillon remains a benchmark in the universe of luxury watchmaking and signals the return of a masterpiece to the Tag Heuer collection.

In its generous 50mm, rose gold and DLC steel case, already appreciated in the Tag Heuer collection, the new interpretation of this rare automatic Tourbillon with off-centre hour and minute display, is a magnificent demonstration of style.

Tag Heuer has chosen to work the structure and hublot replica watches of its latest creation in depth, in order to evoke the multidimensional aspect of time.

Thus the cage of the flying tourbillon is presented inside a cylindrical ring positioned at 6 o’clock. The small second’s indication is provided by the revolving of the cage, which completes one full rotation every 60 seconds.

Two wing-shaped, carbon fibre zones lead the eye towards 12 o’clock, where the tips of the hour and minute hands are finished in a luminescent material.

The minute hand, precisely profiled to rise out of its recessed base area, matches the contours of its surrounding limits perfectly. The extensions of the claws gripping the case embellish the cartier replica watches in the form of six double tubes, adding force and character to the whole.

On the reverse side, the crystal case back reveals the Cote de Geneve decoration of the movement and the Tag Heuer oscillating weight, brushed and set with a crystal engraved with the Brand’s name.

The new version has been given the name Tag Heuer watches

Le 27 November 2013, 04:25 dans Humeurs 0

In the 1950’s Tag Heuer supplied watches to the Swiss national airline, Swissair. These timepieces, which had been developed specifically from the brand’s aviators’ watches, had a very distinctive 24-hour dial. This technical characteristic met the needs of navigators who, at the time, had to determine the position of the aircraft and set up a flight plan. Tag Heuer has now re-issued this watch for both historical and functional reasons, as well as for the aesthetic attraction it still replica tag heuer carrera. The new version has been given the name Tag Heuer.

In 2009, Harry Hofmann, a retired navigator from the old Swissair, visited the Tag Heuer Museum. He took advantage of this visit to present the company with a Tag Heuer watch that he used to wear when he was working for Swissair.
This watch, with its 24-hour dial, is part of a series of timepieces produced by Tag Heuer in the 1950’s especially for Swissair navigators.

In mid-20th century aviation, one of the responsibilities of the navigator was to determine the aircraft’s position and to set up a flight plan. A reliable watch was therefore an essential part of his equipment. The fact that the flight crossed different time-zones in both directions and that the sun was not always visible as a point of reference necessitated instruments that could immediately indicate the correct part of the day. With a 24-hour dial navigators had no problem in this replica breitling.

The Tag heuer watch that Harry Hofmann wore when he was a navigator for Swissair, flying DC-4s, DC-6s, DC-7s, DC-8s and Coronados up until 1974, had been specifically manufactured for the Swiss national airline by Tag Heuer in the early 1950’s; it bears the number 8237331. It is fitted with a Tag Heuer calibre 37. 9N with a centre seconds hand, which had been designed in the 1940s and used in Tag Heuer watches intended for pilots. The back cover of the steel case of Mr Hofmann’s watch is engraved with the Swissair brand-name. Tag Heuer’ archives reveal that it was one of a series of 70 pieces manufactured between 1953 and 1956 exclusively for the Swiss national airline. Technically, it is related to the aviator’s watch – the Tag Heuer Weems Second-Setting model, produced in 1927, or the Lindbergh Hour Angle watch made by Tag Heuer from 1932 on. The Swiss watch manufacturer has chosen this watch as a re-issue for both historical and functional reasons, as well as for the aesthetic attraction it still holds. It has been given the name Tag Heuer Twenty-Four Hours.

The Tag Heuer is fitted with calibre L704. 3, a self-winding movement whereby the hands make one full circle of the dial in 24 hours. The stainless steel case has a diameter of 47. 50 mm; the dial is matt black with 24 white Arabic numerals coated with Super-LumiNova and has a railway-track minute circle. The time is replica omega seamster by hands coated with Super-LumiNova and the watch has a centre seconds hand, all for ease of use, like the original model. There is a date aperture at 3 o’clock. A Tag heuer covers the dial and this timepiece also has a transparent caseback, with its own cover, which reveals the delicate details of the movement.